last updated: february 4, 2021

"you won't limit where i'll reach
this is my dream now i'm free
i'm finally thinking lucidly"
— aylius, lucid

"... most people want to see wrong-doers punished more than they want to see less wrong-doing."
— rlingle via lesswrong

"We can rightly judge a society by how it treats its eccentrics and deviant geniuses—and by that measure, we have utterly failed."
— Tim Wu, How the Legal System Failed Aaron Swartz—And Us

"no good deed goes unpunished"
— unknown

"Most people's time is eaten up by things like school and work. Obviously if you attend one of these, you should stop."
— Aaron Swartz, HOWTO: Be more productive

"Be curious. Read widely. Try new things."
— Aaron Swartz, How to Get a Job Like Mine

"oh what a day to choose
torn by the hours"
— agnes obel, fuel to fire

"computer-literate, like-minded linguist
the lines in his script are my kind of english"
— dan bull, we are all aaron swartz

"be kind to me, or treat me mean
i'll make the most of it, i'm an extraordinary machine"
— fiona apple, extraordinary machine

"i've got a plan, a demand and it just began
and if you're right, you'll agree"
— fiona apple, better version of me

"If it hurts, do it more often."
— unknown, but i heard it from aaron swartz

"beautiful, you're beautiful, as beautiful as the sun
wonderful, you're wonderful, as wonderful as they come"
— the smashing pumpkins, beautiful

"intoxicated with the madness, i'm in love with my sadness"
— the smashing pumpkins, zero

"as above, so below"
— some greek guy a looooong time ago

"counting flowers on the wall,
that don't bother me at all"
— the statler brothers, flowers on the wall

"what we're doing here ain't just scary,
it's about to be legendary"
— welshly arms, legendary

life is the nightmare

this world is
so loud

"the trauma ... knows no bounds"
— C.Z.

"living is a probabilistic exercise"
— sun_tzu_vs_srs via reddit

decidedly strange,
undeniably different

if at first no one gives a fuck, do it yourself

"give me a reason for disaster, and i'll be happy ever after"
— three days grace, give me a reason

i loved the world and it told me to bugger off

take comfort in insignificance