inconvenient truths

true* things that i don't like to admit are true
*to the best of my current knowledge

i am in charge of my own life and things that happened to me are not excuses for giving up or being a shit

i shouldn't care what other people think about me

other people shouldn't care what i think about them

discomfort and unease is currently a necessary part of life, not something you can cut away by staying in a bubble

you can't help everyone; you can't save everyone. if reasonable, persistent offers of assistance are refused, they aren't ready. you can't make them be ready faster. they may never be ready.

whatever you're thinking about others, someone might be thinking the same thing about you

i could be wrong

learning something new requires real time, effort, and practice. but your efforts are bound to pay off. don't give up too early

there is no quick-fix; nothing happens overnight

i have serious mental maladies, which i should probably do something about

i should eat less mcdonald's

it's probably a bad thing to not go outside ever

i definitely need to stop destroying myself over the opinion of one idiot (no offense)

it's going to hurt

most people aren't going to match the effort you put into every relationship and interaction

it's probably going to get better

i'm really bad at HTML/CSS ♥

rationalists (namely, eliezer yudkowsky) are less wrong than me and they could probably save the world if we let them is less wrong than rationalwiki