you want to know who, what, why, when, where, and perhaps most importantly, how. right?

well... my guess is as good as yours

ok, ok.
i'm old enough to have just caught the tail-end of having to have some knowledge of HTML [or, god forbid, BBcode] in order to post on the web, but i'm young enough that i've never had a personal page other than social media. i've always wanted to have a place of my own on the web, indeed much like those from the very early days of personal computers, relics of a past long gone.

so what the fuck do i have to say, right? who the fuck am i?
[if you don't like swears, this is not going to work out]
- a person with somewhat extensive mental trauma
- a person with no energy left for pretense [hence the above]
- a person who understands everything and nothing, simultaneously, neverending
- a person with VERY strong opinions who CANNOT seem to SHUT the fuck up... though i'm constantly reevaluating my beliefs to be as "correct" as possible

above all... what i really want is peace, for everyone and everything. free from society and ourselves. we destroy our worlds with our own minds. we destroy ourselves for no good reason, no worthy reason, no admirable reason. we die for it. we die for peace. did you find it?